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Directory: IPED Faculty

Director of the Program
Dr. Henry M. Schwalbenberg

IPED Council
Dr. Jonathan Crystal (Political Science Representative)
Dr. Evelyn L. Bush (Sociology Representative)
Dr. William Baumgarth (Economics Representative)

Economics Faculty
Robert BrentMichael BuckleyMary Burke
Mary Beth CombsJohanna FrancisRalf Hepp
Baybars KaracaovaliDarryl L. McLeodSubha Mani
Sophie MitraEric RengifoDominick Salvatore
Henry M. Schwalbenberg Troy TassierBooi Themeli


Political Science Faculty
Bruce AndrewsSusan A. BergerJonathan Crystal
John P. EntelisMelissa LabonteJoachim Rennstich

Sociology Faculty
O. Hugo BenavidesEvelyn L. BushDonald F. Heisel
E. Doyle McCarthyEmily Rosenbaum

History Faculty
Michael Latham
Hector Lindo-Fuentes

Visiting Lecturers
Arancha Garcia del Soto
William Seltzer
Juan Carlos Vignaud


ROBERT BRENT. Professor of Economics. BA, Kent; MA, PhD, Manchester(UK).
RESEARCH AREAS: Project Evaluation, Taxation and Development, Tax Reform, Health Evaluations and Developing Countries.

MICHAEL BUCKLEY. Senior Lecturer of Economics and Finance. PhD,
TEACHING AREAS: Financial Analysis, Global Financial Markets.
RESEARCH AREAS: Financial Consulting.

MARY BURKE. Clinical Associate Professor of Economics. PhD, Fordham.
TEACHING AREAS: Economic Analysis, Domestic and International Banking.
RESEARCH AREAS: Management Consulting, Financial Statement Analysis, Transfer Pricing, Business Valuation.

MARY BETH COMBS. Associate Professor of Economics. BA, Fairfield; MA, PhD, Iowa.
TEACHING AREAS: Gender & Economic Development, Applied Econometrics.
RESEARCH AREAS: Economic Rights of Women, Economic History.

JOHANNA FRANCIS. Assistant Professor of Economics. PhD, John Hopkins.
TEACHING AREAS: Macroeconomics I
RESEARCH AREAS: Macroeconomics.

RALF HEPP. Assistant Professor of Economics. PhD, University of California (Santa Cruz).
TEACHING AREAS:. International Monetary Policy, International Finance.
RESEARCH AREAS: International Finance, Open-economy Macroeconomics.

BAYBARS KARACAOVALI. Assistant Professor of Economics. BA, Bogazici University; MA, PhD, U of Maryland.
TEACHING AREAS: International Trade
RESEARCH AREAS: International Political Economy, International Trade.

DARRYL L. McLEOD. Associate Professor of Economics. BA, PhD, University of California (Berkeley). Consultant to the World Bank, Inter-American Developement Bank, the Organization of American States and Lehman Brothers Emerging Markets Group.
TEACHING AREAS: Economic Growth and Development , Stabilization Policy in Developing Countries.
RESEARCH AREAS: Development Economics, Stabilization & Developing Countries, Poverty and Income Distribution in Latin America and Asia.

SUBHA MANI. Assistant Professor of Economics. BA, U of Delhi; MA, Mumbai U; MA, PhD, U of Southern California.
TEACHING AREAS: Community Economic Development, Applied Econometrics.
RESEARCH AREAS: Development Economics, Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics, Health, Education.

SOPHIE MITRA. Assistant Professor of Economics. PhD, University of Paris. Consultant to the World Bank.
TEACHING AREAS: Agriculture and Sustainable Development.
RESEARCH AREAS: Development Economics, Labor Economics, Caring for the Disabled in the Developing World.

ERICK RENGIFO. Assistant Professor of Economics. PhD, Louvain University.
TEACHING AREAS: Financial Economics, Financial Econometrics.
RESEARCH AREAS: Finance, Applied Econometrics, Latin America, Remittances and Development Finance.

DOMINICK SALVATORE. Distinguished Professor of Economics. BA, CUNY/City College; PhD, CUNY (Graduate Center).
TEACHING AREAS: Price Theory I, International Trade, International Finance.
RESEARCH AREAS: Commercial Policies & Trade Protectionism, International Trade & Economic Development, International & European Monetary Systems, Consultant to UN. Fulbright Awardee (Europe).

HENRY M. SCHWALBENBERG. Associate Professor of Economics and Director of the Graduate Program in International Political Economy and Development. BS, MIA, MA, MPhil,PhD Columbia.
TEACHING AREAS: Economic Development Policy,International Economic Policy, Emerging Markets, and Project Management.
RESEARCH AREAS: Political Economy of Trade & Development, South East Asia and the Pacific Economies, North-South Capital Flows, Fulbright Awardee (Pacific Islands).

TROY TASSIER. Assistant Professor of Economics. BS, Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech.); MA, PhD Economics University of Iowa.
TEACHING AREAS: Epidemics and Development.
RESEARCHAREAS:  Microeconomics, Public Policy, Economics of Networks, Complex Systems.

BOOI THEMELI. Clinical Associate Professor of Economics and Director of the Africa Rising Project. BA, University of the North (South Africa); MA, Western Illinois; M Comm, Rhodes University (South Africa); PhD, Fordham.
TEACHING AREAS: African Economic Development, Emerging Markets: South Africa.
RESEARCH AREAS: Privatization and Development, the Economies of Sub-Saharan Africa, Rockefeller Fellow, Fulbright Fellow, Mandela Fellow.

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BRUCE ANDREWS. Assistant Professor of Political Science. BA, MA, Johns Hopkins. PhD, Harvard.
TEACHING AREAS: Analysis of International Politics.
RESEARCH AREAS: Political Economy of the World System, Interpretation of Foreign Policy, Theories of International Politics.

SUSAN A. BERGER. Associate Professor of Political Science. BA, Michigan; MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia.
TEACHING AREAS: Political Economy of Development.
RESEARCH AREAS: Political Economy of Development, Comparative Politics, Political Economy of Latin America and the Caribbean.

JONATHAN CRYSTAL. Associate Professor of Political Science. AB, AM, PhD, Harvard.
TEACHING AREAS: Politics of Global Economic Relations.
RESEARCH AREAS: Political Economy of Direct Foreign Investment.

JOHN P. ENTELIS. Professor of Political Science and the Political Science Representative on the IPED Governing Board. BA, Ohio Wesleyan; MA, PhD, New York University.
TEACHING AREAS: Comparative Political Analysis, Political Economy of the Middle East, Political Risk Analysis, Politics and Petroleum.
RESEARCH AREAS: Comparative Politics, Political Risk Analysis, Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa.

MELISSA LABONTE. Assistant Professor of Political Science. PhD, Brown.
TEACHING AREAS: Conflict Resolution.
RESEARCH AREAS: Comparative Politics, Post-Conflict Peace Building, Human Rights, West Africa.

JOACHIM RENNSTICH. Assistant Professor of Political Science. 
TEACHING AREAS: Analysis of International Politics.
RESEARCH AREAS: International Politics, Role of Technology.

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O. HUGO BENAVIDES. Associate Professor of Anthropology. BA, Queens College; MA, Hunter College; PhD, CUNY/Graduate Center.
TEACHING AREAS: Development and Cultural Change, National Identity and Development.
RESEARCH AREAS: Ethnographic reasearch in Ecuador.

EVELYN L. BUSH. Assistant Professor of Sociology. BA, Xavier; MA, William and Mary; PhD, Cornell.
TEACHING AREAS: Globalization and Its Discontents.
RESEARCH AREAS: Social movements and transnational politics, sociology of religion, human rights.

DONALD F.HEISEL. Resarch Director, Center for Migration Studies. AB, Chicago; PhD, University of Wisconsin.
TEACHING AREAS: Population Process and Development Issues.
RESEARCH AREAS: international migration, population, and social-economic development.
INTERNATIONAL EXEPERIENCE: Extensive Career with the UN rising to Associate Director of the UN Population Division.  Served in Albania, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kenya, and Namibia..

E. DOLYE Mc CARTHY. Professor of Sociology. BA, Marymount; MA, New School; PhD, Fordham.
RESEARCH AREAS: Sociology of Knowledge and Culture, Social Psychology, Social Theory.

EMILY V. ROSENBAUM. Associate Professor of Sociology. BA, MA, PhD, Pennsylvania.
RESEARCH AREAS: Urban Demography, Family/Household Demography.

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MICHAEL LATHAM. Associtate Professor of History, BA, Pomona; MA, PhD, California (Los Angeles).
RESEARCH AREAS: Diplomatic History; The Kennedy Administration and the Alliance for Progress.

HECTOR LINDO-FUENTES. Professor of History. BA, Universidad Centro-Americana; MA, PhD, Chicago.
RESEARCH AREAS: Economic History, 19th & 20th Century Latin American.

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ARANCHA GARCIA DEL SOTO. Helen Hamlyn Senior Fellow, PhD.
TEACHING AREAS: International Emergency Relief.
RESEARCH AREAS: Humanitarian Assistance.

WILLIAM SELTZER , Senior Research Scholar and Chair of the American Statistical Association's Committee on Professional Ethics. BA, Chicago. Consultant, UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (1996), Director of the UN Statistics Division (1986-94), Chief of Demographic and Social Statistics, UN Statistics Division (1974-86).
RESEARCH AREAS: Demographic measurement, statistical organization and policy, the interface between human rights and population data systems, and the promotion of ethical standards in demographic andstatistical work.

JUAN CARLOS VIGNAUD. Ambassador-in-Residence. Degree in Law and Political Science, University of Buenos Aires.  Served as Argentina's Permanent Representative to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Charge d'Affairs of Mission to Libya, Consul General  in Atlanta and New York City, Ambassador to Norway, Iceland, and Sweden.
TEACHING AREAS: Latin America, Diplomacy.

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